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delta illustrator indesign porsche print

I recently worked with Porsche to create a takeaway piece that highlighted the unique partnership created for Delta’s high value customers. When customers are given a ride from one jetway to another, they are handed this card as a takeaway to thank them for flying with Delta and to find out more information about Porsche vehicles.

The paper I used has a matte finish with black on one side and white on the opposite. The texture of the paper is that of leather. I wanted customers once they left the vehicle and looked at this card later to remember the feel of the leather in the vehicle and remember their experience. For the front of the card, I came up with a concept that merged our two industries together. The front of the card is a gloss foil stamp onto the black matte finish paper. It’s hard to see this digitally but in person it works very well. I also formatted the piece the exact same size as a Delta boarding pass to tie the piece back to Delta while promoting Porsche.

See more in this article on WSJ about the program here:

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